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Hello, I am Swapan Kumar. When it comes to increasing traffic to your website and bringing steady revenues, I can deliver noticeable (or even better) results. Take your first step now! Schedule a free consulting session.

My primary goal is to make a big, positive impact on your revenue. For me higher Search Engine Ranking is not an end, but a means to an end? The real objective is to improve your brand’s market value.

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I provide customized solutions for your unique requirements

Every business is unique, and so is yours. That's why I never offer "off-the-shelf" SEO solutions. To guarantee your online success, once we have decided to work together, I...

1 Carry out thorough analysis of your business and
your market, and accordingly, set your keywords

4 Use cutting edge analytics tools to monitor and
streamline my SEO efforts
2 Create a perfect blend of search engine and
social media strategy specifically for your audience

5 Arrive at a success formula specifically tailored to
your business and ensure its continuity

3 Implement the strategy with all the necessary
checks and balances
...because when you say SEO, sky is the limit

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     - Sanjayi Kapoor
Beware! Numbers can be deceptive

Long gone are the days when dubious (or call them inexperienced) SEO experts would impress you by merely inflating your search engine traffic. Numbers don't matter. What matters is how much money your business is making, or how many hot leads your search engine traffic is generating. So you are heading to a crash land if you still believe that...

1 Only natural back-linking will work best
2 Submitting quality and blog would still work
3 If your website features on first page of Google, you won
4 It’s OK if website ranks well but there is no enquiry generated

SEO in 2015 is different (& challenging)

Instead of creating a "ton" of traffic and then hoping that it gets you more business, I first study what sort of
traffic will positively impact your business, and then focus all my energies towards generating that sort of traffic.

With the failsafe combination of-
1 Source code optimization 2 Solid back linking strategy
3 Content Marketing 4 Social media marketing
5 Optimization for primary as well as longtail keywords
I increase your search engine rankings just the way Google and other search engines want. There are no quick fixes when you work with me. When I attain higher search engine rankings for you, they are not impacted by algorithmic updates on different search engines.
Our Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is technically the most influential thing for website, if you want a better place for your website on search engine results. The search engine rankings depend upon on several factors. We will go through every detail of SEO to give an idea of how we can work for any website or blog.

Link Building Services

Links to a website play a major role in search engine rankings of a blog or website. Links on a websites and blogs should have proper measure of quality, relevance and quantity. Higher quality links can aid the search engine ranking a lot. That is why we introduce you services like:

Link Building Strategy: Links pointing to the website get a hike with the professional link building strategy, improving the quality as well as relevance of the links.
Competitor link analysis: Observing the links, which drive rankings of direct competitors and figuring out their exact link building strategies.
Media Outreach: Approach to a famed and influential journalist for getting links to newsworthy, valuable contents on a website, useful for their readers.
Blogger Outreach: For a newsworthy and valuable content for your readers, we approach to famed and influential bloggers for links.
Twitter Outreach: Similarly, we reach out for all those twitter users too who are influential for the links of instant social updates coming up like news trending in world, sports etcetera.
Sitemap Submission: To get the data about external as well as internal links to the website, we use Bing’s and Google webmaster tools for submitting the sitemaps.

SEO Copywriting

There is no way other than creating a good content for getting other blogs and websites creating appropriate links. More useful will be the content, so are the chances of getting someone who will find it useful and will link to it. Links are nothing but kind of editorial votes given by pick. So, a good SEO work on content writing certainly pays off. The SEO copywriting therefore comprises of following services.

Keyword Research: There are several keyword research tools available like WordStream that can help find finest keywords. With those, we create an optimized content to gain more and more traffic.
SEO content Writing: First, we create a content rich site, which have everything to the point to say. It makes sure that every click on the website by a visitor finds the website worth clicking.
Press Release Writing: Online Press Release is now what’s trending and with time revolving. Each press release gets relevant links to useful information.
Feature Article: Writing the stories, which are worth published in newspapers because of their perfect quality to fit in the editorial calendar and putting links there too for related interesting content always when required.
Link Bait: Catchy headlines, good hook ups and quality unique content helps swiftly gaining popularity.
Social Media Marketing The name describes a lot itself. When it comes to what can social media-marketing do for websites, the answer is- ‘everything’. With experts available on every sector of social media marketing, we deliver an impeccable set of services.

Bloggers Outreach

This comprises of engaging through personal communication and observing influential bloggers in concerning category. Our services has widened so perfectly in blogger’s outreach that either small or big, all firms have been satisfied with us. We work on to get you as much as possible unique visitors. After joining us, your analytics report says it all.

Social Networking

The social networking services comprises of:

Facebook Marketing: Smartly build a presence amidst the Facebook audience, engage your target audience and unfold the message to them.
Twitter: Design the smartest implementation of spreading message in the real-time media in shortest forms.
LinkedIn: Make a wide network and create a group. Take full use of the profile.

Social media marketing has been a major way for several people who today are running a successful website network. It is a way worth giving attention up on.

Social Media Optimization

When we count social media optimization, there are five rules that can boost the website in a perfect way. These rules are:

1. Create a better and sharable content: If you are thinking that you can share a content, which has nothing but a link in it, and people will share it further, you are sadly mistaken. The content should have something interesting and if a link is shared, make sure a little description is given. People only share the content, which they find interesting.
2. Make sharing easy: If anyone wants to share, he or she should have an ease of sharing it with one click. You do not have to push them through hurdles for sharing or they will perhaps leave.
3. Reward Engagement: Engagement in all terms is an important way of social media marketing and that is why your post, comments and discussions should have the capability to hold people.
4. Proactively Share content: This rule count every way of sharing at all the social media networks. From video to audio, from text post to link sharing, everything should be active. You need to keep it going regularly and should avoid missing on any network.
5. Allow Ownership: Allowing the social media to use your content, somewhere else works as a key of spreading your content on the social network.

Content Marketing

You have no idea what content means for internet today. Let’s just start with the fact that in every 24 hours, over 2 million blog posts go online. Certainly there were days when updating your content twice an year was ok, but now, things have gone so beyond the expectations that few websites like Huffington even makes over thousand content updates a day.

Content has become a perfect source for new visitors. If you want to see your report of website visitors on a constant height, proper content marketing is important. However, it is not a cakewalk and a new written piece everyday never brings you fresh visitors. That is where content marketing services comes into play. Let us analyze closely, what are the important terms our content marketing strategists understand while to increase your traffic.

Understanding the Target Audience

While generating your content, understanding your target audience is rather an important thing. It is the biggest factor why you lack in getting visitors despite of updating the content regularly. We polish your content according to the targeted audience and ensures continues traffic to your website.

Understanding the Stages of Content

Knowing what to bring when is the next big part of the content marketing. Once you know the target audience, you should know type of content needed in stages. You would never give someone the tips to become an expert in a field if someone is not even a beginner. Understanding the levels of content and mapping it accordingly, we make it smooth for you.

Content Creation

Requires nothing but expertise in the above two things. You need high vocab content, or simple plain content; what type of content you need, everything relies on the above two points. We understand your content requirement and deliver you appropriate content.

Content Promotion

Pushing your content as much as possible is the real marketing of content. The social networks are the most proficient ways to such marketing. To make your content available to a wider network, we work on specific points delivering exceptional content promotion.

Google Adwords Campaigns: While promoting an eBook or white paper, display campaigns can raise awareness among a wide range of people. We timely and effectively work in the area to bring most out of the content.
Social Media Campaigns: Blog posts get the most traffic from social media like twitter and Facebook. Promoting content there can benefit every time. Sharing the posts on both the pages your personal as well as the brand page is very important to reach a big network.
Email Marketing Campaigns: Notifying email subscribers every time you launch something big on your website is quite an important step for content promotion.

Working on all the above-mentioned content marketingservices, our experts facilitate with a constant increase in website traffic.
Online Video Marketing Services

A SEO service offers a number of uses for online marketing for videos. Video marketing came to existence a few years back, but now it is an important role player in marketing service. The best media, which can give a push to your market value, is a good video today. Some of the services they extend are as follows:

1. Video production services
2. YouTube marketing services
3. Video SEO services

These amazing services further carry some more facilities in them.

1. Services for Video production

Under this service, we offer some of the important services to our clients.

a) Videography services: In this service, we aid our clients by shooting, titling, editing and encoding the videos for Internet.
b) Video production marketing: We assist our clients by directing interviews, affording ideas for project.
c) Customizing you tube channels: We help our customers by creating brand and partner channels on you tube for them.

2. Services for you tube marketing

Under this section, we assist our customers with YouTube marketing strategies

a) Key opinion leader: we help our customers, by reach out to the key opinion leaders in YouTube group, social media, video blogs and online media.
b) Identifying key opinion leaders: we assist our clients by exploring the vital opinion leader in the online media, You Tube group, Video blogs and social media.
c) Measuring marketing campaign: we help our clients to know about their discovery, views, community, demography and subscribers. In order to measure all these attribute we use YouTube insight statistics.
d) Promoting YouTube video: In order to broadcast a brand in YouTube, we promote the video through YouTube promoted videos. This helps our client to gain more viewers to their video.
e) Outcome measurement: in order to keep checks on website trafficking and measuring the results regarding marketing video, we use Google analytics reports.

3. Video SEO services

a) Researching YouTube keywords: for exploring YouTube keywords for a flawless marketing campaign, we use keyword tool of YouTube for our clients.
b) Optimizing YouTube video: we help our clients to choose apt tags, video description and accurate titles. This helps the videos to be discovered easier and earlier in search results of YouTube.
Online Public Relation Services

SEO specialists know what actually comes in public relation services. Our company offers services like,

1. Optimized Press release services
2. Media relations services
3. Online public relation campaigns

Under each above-mentioned specialization, we deliver some essential services in regards to building public relations.

1. Optimized press release services

Under this service, we offer the clients some important facilities such as,

a) Researching assisting keywords: We let our customers to know what is apt for them providing them abetting keywords, some commonly searched terms with the help of Yahoo and Google news.
b) Online press release distribution: In order to achieve press release optimization, we make use of online press release distribution.
c) Press release writing: We prefer online press release writing as our initial concern. While, optimization of search engines is the second priority.
d) Press release SEO: We make sure the use of important and assisting keywords in the headings and in the paragraphs of the optimized press release.
e) Press release links: We add links in the optimized press release. This helps people find all related and effective content on a website.
f) Public relation measurement: Creating Brand awareness, producing leading sales, online product selling and website traffic increment are few modes through which we measure the public relations.

2. Services for media relations

Under the radar of media relations, some quite appealing things extended by the firm are,

a) Speakers section: this service explores speaking prospects and help clients to acquire the opportunities by contacting organizations.
b) Media relations: effective journalists who are excellent writers are recognized. We help our clients to develop way to intensify the bond with the journalists.
c) Bloggers section: our firm even detects efficient bloggers, who are good at posting relevant content. We help our clients in order to develop links with these efficient bloggers.

3. Online public relation campaigns

We have served several of our clients with numerous successful public relation campaigns.

a) Increasing traffic on websites: we have successfully helped The Christian Science Monitor, to drive around 450,000 visitors just in 24 hours.
b) Brand awareness building: we help our clients to increase the awareness of their brand. We have assisted Better Homes and Gardens to get an increment on searches by 36%.
c) Online selling of product: Southwest Airlines was able to earn 2.5$ through selling tickets online with our assistance.
d) Measurement of marketing ROI: we have registered our firm on public relation case study for assisting Rutgers Center for Management Development. We helped them to get 3.0 returns on marketing investment.
e) Entry generation online: Parents magazine was able to generate 129,155 leads into their one of the contest because of our online press release help.